Abiding in Inquiry 2021

Dear hearts,
I am so moved to offer this program: an opportunity to drop in to inquiry, deeply and consistently over an extended period of time.
I am calling the year-long program Abiding. Abiding as both a verb and an adjective.
   verb – We are making the conscious choice of abiding in the practice of inquiry. Stay with the question mark. Keep it close. Let it inform you more and more.
Synonyms: To stay. To continue. To persevere.
   adjective – What we discover as we stay in inquiry is the dissolving of the illusion and the radiant glow of the abiding mystical truths. What is impermanent is the temporary, the illusory. What stays is real.
Synonyms: Stable. Secure. Eternal.
+ Required for participation:
Partner work. Weekly. Change partners every month.
– Write a fresh JYN for each partner homework session, if not multiple worksheets per week.
Home Teams. Each participant is placed in a small group team who meets every 2 weeks. (2nd and 4th week of the month.) Creates intimacy and a form of tracking one another through the journey.
Online platform for connecting with fellow participants.
Monthly video orientation to the focus of the upcoming month.
+ Additional optional pieces to the Abiding journey:
Book reading and study.
– Twice monthly 90 minute Zoom calls.
   – Facilitation.
   – Q&A.
   – Exercises.
– Optional monthly one-on-one sessions at a special $90 Abiding rate.
– Sliding scale.
+ Support for your personal deepening into inquiry.
+ A regular dropping into self-inquiry is super beneficial for finding stability of personal integrity and thus radiating essence.
+ Engage with a community of dedicated seekers. Find companionship and shared reality for the journey of self-discovery.
List of agreements / code of ethics? To have participants agree to.
1) WRITE your worksheets. Be prepared at each partner homework call and Zoom call with at least 2 completed JYNs that haven’t yet been worked.
2) PARTNER UP and inquire. Please spend at least an hour a week in inquiry, whether as client or facilitator. Between 1-4 hours is recommended. (30 minutes to 2 hours in each role per week.)
3) JOIN your Home Team meet ups twice per month.
4) FOLLOW the curriculum so we’re all participating in the same program.
5) ENGAGE in inquiry and be ready to learn, refine, and improve your facilitation and personal inquiry.
6) LEAN IN, connect, and be authentic with your Home Team and other fellow participants.
7) HONOR one another’s personal work, and hold content shared within the container of Abiding confidentially.
January 2021 – December 2021 
Live informational sessions will be offered by BJ in November and December 2020. 
Group Zoom calls: 2 optional sessions per month
1st Tuesday 9:00-10:30 am ET
3rd Thursday 2-3:30 ET

You are welcome to join any or all of the Group Zoom calls. All are recorded and available for later viewing for Abiding participants.
Home teams: 2 check-ins per month
These small group teams stay the same throughout the full year and are a way to track your own progress and journey, as well as that of your team. It’s a way to deeply understand and be understood. Share insights, highlights, and in general to share the journey.
PartneringOnce a week
Participants are paired rotationally every month. Trading facilitation offers deep immersion in The Work and dynamic feedback from peers. 

Partnering is flexibly scheduled by times that work best for you and your partner.

The journey and practice of self-inquiry using The Work is a crystal clear way to bring awareness and self-realization to life.

And like other practices (meditation, health, exercise, living authentically, for example) we find ourselves not sitting still with focused intention to DO The Work. It seems simple, yet somehow difficult.

Doing The Work is not easy to accomplish all alone. Driving in your car finding turnarounds to stressful thought doesn’t generally offer a clear picture of a thoroughly investigated stressful belief. No wonder we’re frustrated, or wondering what we’re missing, or find that we’re doing The Work on the same person or situation over and over again.

There are “best practices” and distinctions offered regularly by Byron Katie and discovered by people who practice The Work as a way of life. These ways of following the simple directions blossom more and more clearly for us in a unique way, our personal process taking the time it takes. There are gentle invitations to follow that can make the work….work. You are your own teacher in the end, and, the people who have gone before (or along with you) have brilliant insights we can turn to and apply.

In Year of inquiry….we’re exploring The Work in our lives by doing it 1, 2, 3 times a week (you get to choose).

We gather together so we’re not in isolation. We hear other members’ inquiry, and learn from them. 

Ultimately The Work is about you knowing you, and loving what you find.

Have you been wondering how to take The Work into your daily life practice? Do you find you’re drawn to this inquiry, but not sure how to keep it alive in your mind and in your relationships? Are you looking for a regular circle with whom to do inquiry over time, connecting with others on the same adventure?

We’re about to take a fabulous journey: A whole year together in a small group practicing the gift of inquiry. For 12 full months, you’ll have the choice of 9 scheduled telesessions every month (5 days a week during the summer) plus 2 in-person retreats (optional).

All in a kind, inclusive and safe container of fellow inquirers, any level welcome. 

You can choose how many telesessions you want to attend live. Everything is recorded and available all year to listen to. Some people decide to attend one session a week live, some, all the sessions. You can mix and match your schedule as it changes over time.

Some call what we’re forming a sangha, a Sanskrit term for those in spiritual community. You will create deep connections with people who hold one common intention: seeing Reality with clarity. We will share together our most petty, difficult, troubling thoughts in an atmosphere of compassion and honesty (and sometimes big belly laughs of humor).

Why a whole year?
Because personal transformation appears to take practice, and time.

(There are members of YOI who have taken it 3 years in a row, it’s a part of their spiritual practice to do The Work).

Each month we identify and then question stressful thoughts about a new topic. We build on the foundation of our questioned beliefs as we move through the year, learning and investigating together.

For every single month-long topic, we’ll have a group webinar call where you will watch a video slide presentation before we begin the month of how this topic has been approached by others doing The Work, including Katie. All video orientations to each month will be released before our month together begins and you can watch it on your own time or join live and ask questions.

MONTH 1: Introduction to The Work and Abiding Orientation. We learn about the Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and about starting from the beginning. We start with stressful stories right in front of us, and begin with The Work.

Reading for Month 1: intro and chapter 1 Basic principles.

MONTH 2: What do I Complain About? We continue covering the Basics of Inquiry this month. And we go through the exercise of looking at what we complain about from the mundane to the deeply troubling, and take it to inquiry without feeling guilty for complaining.

Reading for Month 2: chapter 2 JYN and 4qs + tas. Great Undoing.
MONTH 3: Family of Origin. This month our topic is about writing honestly about our parents, siblings, relatives, people who influenced us when we were children.
Reading for Month 3: chapters 3 and 4 up to “the baby shouldn’t scream” (pg 59) Dialogues. Couples and Family Life.
MONTH 4: Hurt, Angry, Afraid. What has scared me in my life? Who do I think hurt me, or who did I hurt? Whether long ago, or more recently, we get to look through memories where hurt, fear or anger was present, and look closely.
Reading for Month 4: complete chapter 4 Dialogues. Couples and Family Life.
MONTH 5: Love and Partnership – Primary Relationship, Past Relationships, Dating, Being Single. You can identify your small annoyances, or big ones. This can be a time to look at Sexuality, too, and sharing love with others.
Reading for Month 5: chapter 5 Deepening Inquiry.
MONTH 6: Money and Career – Rich People, Poor People, Not Having Enough, Needing More, Relationships with people we know at work. Our experiences of Career and Money shape our lives, and our unquestioned thinking, no matter how much money we have, creates stress. Let’s see what’s really true.
Reading for Month 6: chapter 6 On Work and Money.
MONTH 7: Judging the self. Who is it that you think you should be? What do you not live up to? They say that we’re our own worst critics. And who is this “me” I compare myself to? As we inquire, we begin to discover that the “you” you judge is not more personal than everyone else has turned out to be.

Reading for Month 7: chapters 7 and 8 Self-judgements. TW with children.

MONTH 8: Living Turnarounds – What do you notice you want in life? What do you find scary about moving towards these dreams? An interesting look at what we believe should happen, for happiness…and finding freedom to take action more openly and freely to pursue joyfully, or not pursue. Everyone finds their living turnarounds through their own work, already underway.
Reading for Month 8: chapters 9 and 10 Underlying beliefs. Any thought or situation.

MONTH 9: The Body – Flaws, Disease, Appearance and Looks, Sickness, Accidents, Trauma, Pain, Aging. What do you notice you care about, that you find disturbing, when it comes to your body?
Reading for Month 9: chapter 11 The body and addictions.
MONTH 10: The Worst That Could Happen. When we encounter situations this month that bother us, or people we find disturbing, we get to always look at this profound question: what’s the worst that could happen? What am I afraid of, in these situations? Let’s study fear directly.
Reading for Month 10: chapter 12 up to “mom didn’t stop…”
MONTH 11The Turnaround to #6. After all this practice, we get to sit with the powerful unique final Turn Arounds: I am willing…I look forward to…. Optional daily inquiry jam during months 11 and 12.
Reading for Month 11: complete chapter 12

MONTH 12: ​Graduation! And optionally prepare to begin again in January. ​SUMMER CAMP FOR THE MIND! A blitz of daily inquiry open to everyone from all over the world who wants access to time for inquiry, with others. We do The Work daily, a different time for every time zone. Optional daily inquiry jam during months 11 and 12.

Reading for Month 12: chapter 13 to the end

Here’s the full list of offerings included with Abiding.

*Zoom calls (Tuesdays 8:30 am PT, Wednesdays 2 pm, Thursdays 5 pm) Anyone enrolled in YOI is invited to attend any scheduled telesession. There are five 6- week courses to choose from during the year.

*Monthly Video (each month, you’ll join a webinar to begin the month (all webinars will be recorded). These webinars will address our topic for The Work, and always include explorations of Best Practices in The Work in our lives. We’ll look at the Principles for Facilitators, the Code of Ethics, and identify what gets in the way of holding these.

*Partnering In The Work Everyone in Abiding is invited to join a monthly partner work with other participants. You may choose to partner only once a month or partner in depth. A beautiful place for connecting with others to inquire and share at the most honest level. For this deep immersion in partner work, you schedule with your partner independently. You will have a different partner every month, for 12 months.

*Solo Sessions With BJ. Everyone participating in Abiding has 2 individual calls with BJ during the year, scheduled when ​you wish, to be completed by December 15th, 2021You’re also welcome to schedule an additional 10 sessions (making it 12 for the year, recommended about one per month) at the special Abiding rate of $90 per session.*Summer Camp for The Mind. Daily calls to do The Work July-August 2018. Everyone in YOI automatically included in this Summer Camp daily Inquiry Jam.

*Private Forum​ on Slack for Abiding only. We will use Slack ​as our forum for all course communications. ​​All our recordings, shares, follow-ups, worksheets, photos, and videos on The Work are kept all year, and beyond. You will be able to download the little app on your phone, and on your computer, without it interfering with any of your other online work. Password protected and private. A fantastic way to take Abiding on the go and have access to everyone in the community. Training will be provided during Orientation on how to very simply access and set yourself up in our forum.

About ​me and what I do

My name is BJ Harden Jones. I am a cultural catalyst, peace worker, consciousness evolutionary, truth teller, philosopher, mystic, loving presence, community co-founder and pillar, rad mama and partner, totally fallible human, and the heart behind Step Into Truth: my platform for supporting others (and myself!) in finding the end of suffering.
I am a devoted facilitator and practitioner of The Work of Byron Katie. For more than a decade, I’ve been utilizing this self-inquiry process in my own life and sharing its magic with others. As a member of the Institute for The Work (ITW) and a participant in the Certification Program, I continue to deepen into my own self-understanding and self-realization.
Through both the blessing and the cultivation of an open heart and mind, I have learned so much about the nature of reality and how to live in alignment with what is. I feel so honored and fortuitous to be in the position of sharing what I find, and helping myself and others shine with the joy of a life well-lived.

​BJ, y​ou have something simple and elegant and deeply powerful to offer. The way in which you sit with people is kind, caring and brave. Having you as a partner on any journey is a gift I would recommend anyone give to themself.

​SM, Minneapolis MN

“I so celebrate the deep presence, sensitivity and care with which BJ moves in the world. Through a profound sensing, listening, and speaking to the underlying truth of the moment, she offers a rare form of support to people’s realization and development. Her way of being helps reveal the wonder and beauty all around us: in the world, in each individual, and in each moment. BJ’s presence is a gift which she gives generously.” – KS, Portland OR

​BJ’s style embodies patience, neutrality and awareness. She has an open, playful presence that invites and celebrates safety and trust. I have worked by phone and in person with her, and both experiences have been equally powerful.” –​ CC​, Asheville NC
“BJ helped me shine light on some of the darker parts of my psyche, and began a journey that brought me into greater integrity in my intimate relationship. She is comfortable with the full range of the human soul, and lets her intuition guide her to places of insight and deepened connection. I’m grateful that I get to walk this planet with such a compassionate, self-connected, playful human being!” –​ HK, Seattle WA
Sometimes BJ causes me to ask important questions I would have never thought to ask. Questions that result in me rethinking my life’s direction and my vocation. That quest she launched me on helped me move to a much more life-giving way of working that is having a much bigger and more positive impact on the world. ​ -KJ (my DAD!), Swannanoa NC​
If I could put a word or two with you it would be courage / love. The day we walked through the gates of the prison school for boys – boys that some would say were very bad, tough, and not to be trusted boys – and I looked over at you and all I could feel was the love you had for each one. WOW! It just all went into that eternal space for me. Not a single thing to fear. I do not think I will ever forget that BJ. (Just thinking and writing and reading this gives me goosebumps.) -KT, Saluda NC
There are few teachings more important than ‘everything’s OK,’ and few teachers who get that, give it, and live it, day to day. Recommending BJ is like handing you a flower: I think you’ll see why right away.” –​ ​​AM, Asheville NC
​Registration details

To register visit this link and scroll to the payment options at the end of the page (you do not need to use paypal, you may use any card): workwithgrace.com/year-of-inquiry​.​

​Anywhere! From your device or personal computer.
$3200 for YOI FULL PROGRAM paid in full by September 1st, 2017
OR $285 per month for 12 months.

YOI FULL PROGRAM includes access to all TeleSessions, monthly webinars, two Seattle retreats, solo sessions, Summer Camp for The Mind 2018, in-person monthly optional Living Turnarounds group. Anyone who enrolled in these programs separately would pay over $4000. Being a part of YOI brings you a huge discount for ongoing, connected inquiry with a lovely community of people for a whole year.

YOI – TELESESSION LEVEL (no in-person events and primary connection is via TeleSessions and Webinars) $2175 or $197 per month starting September 2017.
Repeaters $1800 by Sept 1st.or $165 per month. Telesession folks have one 9-1-1 solo session with Grace included, to schedule at your own convenience during the year, if you need individual support.

Retreats individually = $450 per retreat tuition. Anyone who has opted out of retreats can change their mind and attend if there is room and they register to hold a spot. YOI alumni always get $100 gift off of retreat fees for life.

In-Person Monthly Deep Divers Living Turnarounds Group = Normal fee is $65 per month, but current YOI members who sign up for FULL program who want a spot can attend at no extra cost. It is fully covered in their YOI FULL tuition for the year. (YOI Telesession Level members please also ask about attending—we’d love to have you if you’re interested and your fee is $35).

YOI members are invited to attend 8 week telecourses or other offerings with Grace during the year on special topics that are open to the public.

Cancellation Policy
LOW RISK offer: Change Happens. You may cancel at the end of sixty days with the following conditions:

a)​ ​FULL PROGRAM with EVERYTHING INCLUDED: if you made full payment if you choose to withdraw during September or October you will only pay $100 per month participation. If you decide in the first 30 days it’s not for you…you will receive all but $100 back as a refund. If you decide after September but within 60 days it’s not for you…you will receive all but $200 back as a refund. If you participate in the autumn retreat, the fee for the retreat is $450 and is not a part of the refund policy. We hope this gives you ample time to give it a chance as a practice, and have found people are usually clear with this much space and time to make their decision. On November 1st you make a commitment (it’s difficult to fill your spot).

b) PROGRAM with TELE SESSION LEVEL: When you make your first month’s payment, if you choose to withdraw from the program (no questions asked) within the first month, then you will receive a refund minus $100 for the first month. If you still continue during the second month, but withdraw before the end of October, then you’ll pay for $200 for the first two months of the program and owe nothing more.

We ask that you make a commitment to the full year on November 1st.

There is no refund after the second month is already completed.​